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Firmware Database

Our Firmware Database was once home to all the firmware Huawei had released to date, live-monitored and updated whenever new firmware was released, but the release of Huawei Firmware Finder, a desktop client that served the same purpose, made sifting through our Database unnecessary.

For that reason, we archived all the firmware we hosted on our server, and have instead dedicated our Firmware Database to guiding you through the installation of Huawei Firmware Finder so you can track down firmware right from your desktop — without having to resort to a third-party.

So, let’s get to the point. To take advantage of of Huawei Firmware Finder, you’re going to need access to a Windows PC with an active Internet connection; then head over to this link to download the latest version. Once it’s finished downloading, extract the entire folder to your desktop.

Next, run the file entitled FirmwareFinderRewrite.exe. You shouldn’t need to install it — just double-click the name. After it’s loaded, select the Common Base tab, enter your handset’s model number into the Model For Find box, then click Find. It will then gather all the relevant firmware.

Once you’ve found the file you need, select it from the list. A window will then appear with a link — copy it into a Chrome window. The file will then start to download. In most instances, the firmware weighs in at a little more than 2GB, so set aside ample time to retrieve it from Huawei’s servers.

Now it’s downloaded, it’s time to flash the firmware onto your handset.

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