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Huawei will be soon be allowed to do business with US companies again


Huawei will be soon be allowed to do business with US companies again

Huawei’s back in business

It’s official: President Trump has announced that Huawei will once again allowed to do business with companies in the United States. It’s unclear how soon the trade ban will be lifted, however — it could be back in business in no more than a few days, or it could drag on for a month or two. But let’s not shoot this gift horse in the mouth.

The move should see Huawei free to trade with businesses in the United States, so long as the deals do not pose a threat to national security. With that in mind, it’s likely that it will once again be able to acquire basic components, like CPUs from Qualcomm, and license the Google Services-connected version of Android.

So, what now? Well, Huawei has its work cut out if it wants to stand a chance of overthrowing Samsung as the largest smartphone maker in the world anytime soon. The ordeal is thought to have cost it somewhere in the region of $30 billion, not to mention the significant blow its reputation has taken as a result of Trump’s claims.

Still, it’s looking like Huawei will be able to deliver on its promise to bring Android Q to several of its high-end devices, while also bundling the software on the forthcoming Huawei P40 and Huawei P40 Pro. Better yet, it can commit to rolling out regular security maintenance and system updates to its existing devices.

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