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Huawei’s gaining traction in the wearable market


Huawei’s gaining traction in the wearable market

It’s up a mammoth 147.3%

The smart wearable market rocketed by 27% in 2018, with Huawei posting a fantastic year-over-year growth of 147.3% — earning it the title of the fourth-largest wearable manufacturer in the world, behind Apple, Xiaomi and Fitbit.

Huawei’s flagship smartwatch, the Watch GT, is set to launch in India in the near future, which will further bolster its increasing wearable growth and could see it overtake rival Fitbit at the end of 2019, which experienced a 10% decline in 2018.

The Huawei Watch GT is a smartwatch aimed at health and fitness enthusiasts, bundling a slew of health-centric features, including a heart-rate monitor, GPS tracking, an altimeter, a barometer and best-in-class battery life.

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